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Planning finances, understanding contracts, caring and feeding your editors … being a successful freelance writer takes a few unique skills.

Northwest journalists can get the inside scoop on the industry at “All Access Pass: The Freelancing Survival Guide” Tuesday, Sept. 21 at the REI flagship store, 222 Yale Ave. N. in Seattle.

But hurry! The registration deadline has been extended to Sept. 19. The cost is $40; SPJ members receive a $10 discount. Get your ticket here.

*Thank you to our All Access Sponsor Patch, who will be on hand to discuss its work and exciting job opportunities.

The event features great speakers and a full day of panels and workshops. Click here for more details, and see below for the day’s schedule:

11-11:15 – Welcome and opening remarks

*Clay Holtzman, SPJ Western Washington President
*David Volk, All Access Pass Event Chair.

11:20-12:05 – Panel Room: “From Pitch to Paycheck”
Freelance writer Crai Bower and AAA Journey Editor Nicole Meoli follow the process a story idea goes through from pitch letter to publication.

12:05-12:35 – Break, light lunch provided

12:35-1:25 – Panel Room: “Markets You Might Have Missed”
It may be great to get a byline in a magazine that’s on all the newsstands, but many of the markets you have been overlooking often require less competition to get assignments, provide more steady work and frequently pay better.

*Moderator: Jane Watson, Senior Online Editor, Seattle Times
*Crai Bower, travel writer and frequent contributor to custom publications including Lexus Magazine
*Julie Case, Managing Editor, Columns Magazine, the alumni magazine for the University of Washington
*Nicole Meoli, Editor, AAA Journey Magazine, a membership based magazine that also buys web exclusive content.
* Diane Mettler, editor of the trade publication Timber West and frequent contributor to other trade publications.

Breakout Room, Table Topics:

“How to Run a Freelance Business”
Cynthia Flash of Flash Media discusses the ins and outs of seeing yourself as a business person so your clients will, too.

“The Care and Feeding of City Magazine Editors”
James Ross Gardner, senior editor at Seattle Met, talks about how to cultivate a relationship with an editor and the dumb mistakes many freelancers make.

“How to Get Noticed Using Social Media”
Writer Carol Tice on how to turn ghost blogging and other social media gigs into profitable ventures.

“How to Gear Up”
A Seattle Times online producer on the equipment you need to enter the 21st century and stay competitive.

“Meet Patch”
Editor Michael Lewis explains AOL’s newest venture and what it means for local writers. And, yes, Patch is hiring editors and freelancers.

1:25-1:35 – Break

1:35-2:25 — Panel Room
“Diversify or Die! How expanding the services you offer could keep the bill collectors at bay.” Just as man cannot live on bread alone, freelancers are discovering they can’t rely on articles alone to cover the bills. As these panelists have learned, expanding their horizons really helps their bottom line.

*Moderator: Chris Winters, Managing Editor, Seattle Business Magazine.
*Cynthia Flash, Flash Media Services, former News Tribune reporter-turned-media consultant.
*Kevin Ebi, radio business reporter for KJR who also runs his own photography web site and does technical writing.
*Carol Tice, Ticewrites Inc., former Business Journal staffer-turned freelance writer, ghost blogger, copy writer.

Breakout Room, Table Topics:

How to Run a Freelance Business
Dana Neuts, writer, editor, marketing professional, owner of Virtually Yours.

“The Care and Feeding of Regional Magazine Editors”
Katherine McKelvey, publisher, Harbors Magazine on the do’s and don’ts of freelancing for regional pubs.

“Financial Planning for Freelance Writers”
Steve Juetten, Juetten Financial Planning. Juetten shows how it’s not only possible for freelancers to plan for the future, but crucial to do so.

“Understanding a Freelance Contract”
Robert Cumbow, intellectual property attorney, Graham and Dunn, covers a variety of contract issues including the rights you should and shouldn’t sell.

“Meet Patch”

2:25-2:35 Break

2:35-3:30 — Panel Room: “Branding: The Key to Standing Out From the Crowd”
It’s great to be a good writer, but these three experts show how a little bit of marketing can go a long way.

*Moderator, David Volk, author “The Cheap Bastard’s Guide to Seattle.”
*Patricia Vaccarino, Author, “PR for People: Be famous for who you are and what you do.” Managing Partner, Xanthus Communications.
*Linda Thomas, The News Chick, morning news co-host on KIRO FM 97.3.
*Candace Dempsey, Author, “Murder in Italy.”

Breakout Room, Table Topics

“How to Run a Freelance Business”
Dana Neuts, writer, editor, marketing professional, owner of Virtually Yours on how to turn what you do into a serious business.

“The Care and Feeding of Inflight Magazine Editors”
Paul Frichtl, editor, Alaska Airlines Magazine on dumb mistakes freelancers make and ways to make yourself indispensible to an editor.

“Financial Planning for Freelance Writers”
Steve Juetten, Juetten Financial Planning.

“Understanding a Freelance Contract”
Robert Cumbow, intellectual property attorney, Graham and Dunn.

“Research: Mining the Web”
Alex Johnson, senior writer/producer,, shows how to make your internet searches more fruitful.

3:30-4:30 — Mixer and networking with Northwest editors, producers and freelancers

5-7 — Media Bistro Mixer, Victory Lounge
The discussions and networking continue at this gathering of local media professionals. RSVP required.

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