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NW Excellence in Journalism awards

SPJ Western Washington is part of the national organization’s Region 10. The region sponsors and runs the Northwest Excellence in Journalism contest each year as a way to honor work published or broadcast across Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska. It is one of the largest contests of its kind in the nation and continues to recognize the excellent work of journalists in the northwest and beyond. Anyone who produces journalism, residing and working in SPJ’s Region 10 is eligible to enter this contest. We look forward to recognizing the great work you’ve done this year.

The contest is open to entries around January each year.

The NWEIJ contest is run each year by a committee of volunteers from SPJ Western Washington and SPJ Oregon Territory. These volunteers dedicate many hours to designing, producing, and executing the contest and proceeds from that work go toward events, education, and scholarships within our active chapters. If you are interested in investing time in assisting with this contest, please contact to volunteer. We welcome your feedback and assistance as we work to honor our industry’s excellence.