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Beyond Journalism: Leverage your skills and build your dream job

— By board member Sarah Stuteville

From researching, reporting and interviewing, to writing, tech know-how and critical thinking skills, journalists make great employees in just about any job. And in this shifting economy many of us are making career moves away from traditional journalism.

Frank Catalano

How do you leverage your years in the newsroom in a new job market? What can journalists bring to public relations firms, tech start-ups and nonprofits (and what should we leave behind)?

Is now the moment to write that novel you’ve always wanted to write, start your own business or go to graduate school? What are employers, clients and institutions looking for and how do you prove you’ve got it?

Not a journalist yourself but working in communication and media? What do journalists know that might help you further your own career?

Katherine Sather

Join us Monday, February 6 at 7 p.m. for the fourth session of the 2012 SPJ of Western Washington Continuing Ed Series hosted at Fisher Plaza for a panel with:

Katherine Sather: Digital Marketing Specialist with The Nature Conservancy, board member for the Amazon Partnerships Foundation and former journalist with KING 5 and The Seattle Times.

Kristen Young

Frank Catalano: Author, Digital Technology Industry Consultant at Intrinsic Strategy, founding columnist of GeekWire (where he currently writes as the “Practical Nerd”) and former radio journalist, TV analyst and newspaper columnist in the Seattle area.

Kristen Young: Author, Masters of Fine Arts candidate at the University of Washington, freelance reporter for the New York Times and former journalist at Investigate West and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

The panel will be moderated by SPJ board member Monica Guzman, whose own career as a community strategist, social media advisor, columnist at Geekwire and former reporter at exemplifies industry crossover.

Join this fascinating conversation about the new and creative intersections between journalism, media, marketing, communication, entrepreneurship and writing.  Who knows, you might even discover your next career!

The session is free for SPJ members and $10 for non-members. As with all sessions in the Continuing Ed Series, pizza will be served. See the full schedule of remaining sessions here.

Space is limited and sessions tend to fill up, so RSVP soon!