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Breaking down social media strategy: Lessons from Sree Sreenivasan at #sreeattle

The Dirty Secret of Social MediaThe following summary of clips from Sree Sreenivasan’s March talk on social media is a guest post by Morgan Palmer of KIRO-TV and also appears on his blog. Thanks, Morgan!

Social media guru Sree Sreenivasan spoke to several hundred of us media and technology types at the University of Washington on Mar. 18.

It was a packed house, and the hashtag #sreeattle was not only the #1 trending topic in Seattle but also was trending nationally.

Sree is a well-known evangelist of the very best practices in social media. I’ll be going through my eight-plus pages of notes for a while.

The slideshow of his three-plus hour presentation can be accessed here. I also have a Youtube video of his formula to social media success.

Below is the entire presentation in several clips. The theme is “Always be collecting.” (Other interstitial video content accessible here.)

Watch live streaming video from mcdm at

mcdm on Broadcast Live Free

mcdm on Broadcast Live Free

Watch live streaming video from mcdm at

Watch live streaming video from mcdm at


Thanks also to Ulrike Langer, who pulled together a good Storify of what turned out to be a storm of tweets from the event …

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