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How to do Effective Online Research: 11/16 with Christy Diemond

Our last class in our 2009 Fall Continuing Ed Series will be taught by Christy Diemond of UnInformed Consent. The class will focus on effective online research where Diemond will show us her favorite tips and tricks for doing research on the web. Among the topics to be covered:

* Verifying a story – the beginning of credibility.

* What are you looking for? Do you know?

* What resources are there?

* Where to go first?

* Did you find what you expected?

* What are reliable sources?

* How confident can you be?

* What if you find a surprise?

* What if you find nothing?

* How expectations can impact an attachment to an outcome.

* Are there any right answers to these questions? We are, after all, just the messenger.)

This class group will work through research together using various internet resources. There will be some discussion on “how to” quantify information from data bases sites. A “toolkit” of web resources will be provided that can be used in many applications. Some may have already used a few of these resources. We will discuss effective methods on confirming these types of exploration. Whether familiar with a research site or not, the instruction will include thoughts on effective use of these sites. Sharing of other’s experiences and thoughts are welcomed. Submit 1-3 advance suggestions for live research during class with registration. We will cue up three and cover them during this class. If time, there may be some impromptu research.

Instructor bio: See attached

Free to SPJ members. $10 for nonmembers (cash or check only). Note: THERE WILL BE A FEE FOR PARKING.

Please RSVP by noon, Saturday, 11/14 to Dana Neuts, SPJ regional director via email.

LOCATION CHANGE: University of Washington, Communications Building, Room 126 – if you can’t find it, ask the folks at the Guard Shack for directions.
TIME CHANGE: 7:30 to 9:30 p.m.
PARKING: Ask the attendant at the UW Guard Shack for the best place to park. Parking will be $6.

Attendees are asked to arrive by 7:15 p.m. to ensure a prompt start. Cost:  You may register to become an SPJ member at any class to receive the class free. Annual membership is $72. Become a member by enrolling online now, or sign up at any class. Free parking, pizza and bottled water will be provided.

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