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‘It’s our job to make them interested’ – Jon Landay on international reporting

Hostages posterA journalist on the Iraq beat. An expert on Syria. A soldier in the National Guard.

Our weekend event, “Hostages: A Conversation with Jonathan Landay,” sparked a fascinating discussion Saturday due not just to the insights of the speaker, but the passion of his audience.

Jonathan Landay, an award winning national security and intelligence correspondent for McClatchy News, talked about his background in global coverage, the Middle East, ISIS, and the challenges about war correspondence.

But as moderator and organizer Candace Faber notes in her post, “How to Save Journalism,” attendees kept returning to one problem in international reporting: People don’t always care.

“It shouldn’t be a consideration, whether people are interested,” Landay insisted. “It’s our job to make them interested.”

Big thanks to Candace Faber for reaching out to us about Landay’s visit and making the event possible, and to our friends at the Seattle Globalist for co-sponsoring what was an illuminating and thought provoking conversation.

Stay tuned for more…

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