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Join us! Media Hot Topics Mixer at the new Streamline Tavern Wednesday

Jonesing to get with your people and talk about Brian Williams, the Serial podcast, or whatever other news or media critique topic you’ve been thinking about? Let’s have some drinks at the brand new (but not too new) Streamline Seattle and do just that, this Wednesday, February 25th, 7-9pm at the Streamline Tavern, 174 Roy St.

We’re partnering with the new Journalism and Women Symposium (JAWS) Seattle chapter. The Streamline Tavern is co-owned by Mike Lewis, former P-I columnist. It just reopened down the street from its old location in lower Queen Anne and they’re extending happy hour for us.

We’ll raffle off drinks, a Streamline tee and other goodies. SPJ and JAWS members enter raffle for free. Let’s hang. Join us!

RSVP on Facebook and spread the word!

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