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Meet the 2016 SPJ Student Scholarship Winners!

A HUGE round of applause for our four fabulous SPJ Student Scholarship recipients: Julia-Grace Sanders, Starla Sampaco, Samantha Chapman and Genny Boots.
You can have the pleasure of meeting the fab four in person at the SPJ Gala on June 18 at Hyatt Olive 8 in Seattle.
IMG_0081Genny Boots is a homegrown Alaskan. She just ended her sophomore year at Pacific Lutheran University as the general manager of the student television station, where she dutifully kept a copy of the AP stylebook on her desk. She will be heading to Prague in the Czech Republic to study journalism there for the fall semester.


StarlaSampaco_1604_tone2_crop_highresStarla Sampaco is the digital projects editor at The Daily of the University of Washington, where she also produces videos. She is passionate about stories involving immigrants and underrepresented communities, and her freelance work has been published in Seattle Globalist, Northwest Asian Weekly and International Examiner.


sam Samantha Chapman was the 2015-16 editor of Everett Community College’s award-winning newspaper, The Clipper. She began on The Clipper in her first year at EvCC, and worked her way up from staff reporter, to culture editor and eventually Editor-in-Chief. This experience taught her much about how the newsroom works, and even more about how to run a team of rowdy journalists. She will attend Washington State University North Puget Sound at Everett in the fall.

12591808_1741971096032305_683697212_oJulia-Grace Sanders is a third-year journalism student at the University of Washington. She writes about social justice and women’s rights and has been published in many publications, including Seattle Weekly, Seattle Lesbian, Seattle Globalist and The Daily of the University of Washington. She’s passionate about creating change through multimedia storytelling.


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