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Membership month: We need your help!

Welcome to a new year of Western Washington SPJ activities!

Want to boost your network and your skills in the field? Join SPJ today!

To kick things off this year, SPJ National declared a month long membership drive from Sept. 4 to Oct. 4. Your chapter board members have been busy thinking about ways to let area journalists know about all the great reasons they should join.

However, we cannot do this on our own.

Members: We need your help to get new members and current members engaged with our chapter and with SPJ National. National recently launched the “Each One Reach One” (E1R1) campaign and we would love to see some of our members participate.

Basically we are asking you to talk to one person about SPJ membership. When a new member joins, there is a place on the online form to indicate who recruited them. SPJ will recognize everyone who “rocks” E1R1 in the first three weeks of the drive at the national convention and will do a post-conference rock star recognition as well.

Our local chapter will also give you some love if you can help us recruit new members.

So, do you know someone who should be a member? Send their name and e-mail to president Breanne Coats or to membership chair Amy Duncan at

We look forward to seeing this award-winning chapter grow this year!

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