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SPJ Western Washington seeks donations for journalists experiencing second-hand trauma

This year, journalists have worked tirelessly to keep up with the constant news cycle of the Covid-19 pandemic, wildfires, and a civil movement for racial justice. 

Behind the scenes our newsrooms have shuttered, our hours reduced and jobs cut. News organizations were not immune to the economic challenges that state lockdowns and social distancing brought. And as many small businesses have ended, so too have our newspapers.

Reporters, photographers and editors have never been more vital as communities and individuals try to make sense of the pandemic. All the while, journalists have also lost loved ones to Covid-19 and homes to wildfire. They willingly take on second-hand trauma as they report the truth, and some have struggled with that mental and emotional burden. 

SPJ Western Washington is trying to do something about it — and we could use your help.

For journalists struggling economically, the costly price of therapy can be out of reach, but at the same time, urgently needed. Your contribution to our mental health fund will help provide journalists the means to begin therapy sessions.

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