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Seattle P-I is up for sale.

If you are plugged into the Seattle news scene, you have undoubtedly heard today’s announcement that the Hearst Corporation is putting the Seattle P-I up for sale for 60 days. If a buyer is not found, the P-I may go to a web-only format, or it could be closed altogether putting 170+ journalists out of work. Regardless of the final outcome, this is a sad day for journalists. Read the announcement here.

On a professional level, as a fellow journalist, I am saddened by the news that the Seattle P-I, a trusted news source, is being sold or may be possibly closed or go to a web-only environment. The P-I is a part of our community’s history and has tried hard to adapt to a changing world. Its presence here helps to make all Seattle-area media outlets more objective. I am sad to see this beloved paper suffer the fate of so many other media organizations who are struggling to compete with online media.

On a personal level, I know several reporters and managers at the P-I, including SPJ board members Andrea James and Joe Copeland, and my heart goes out to them. This talented group of individuals is dedicated to providing quality information to the public, maintaining the highest ethical standards, and serving as an invaluable check-and-balance system to “big business” and government. I can’t imagine how we’ll fill the hole the P-I will leave in our community.

– Dana Blozis, freelance writer and president of Western Washington Pro Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists

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