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Mentorship Program

Have a Washington journalist visit your class, resource for professors and teachers

We’re pro journalists. Want us to speak with your class?

Professors and teachers:
SPJ-Wash. is offering to have a working member of the media visit your journalism class to chat about the profession. To arrange a visit:

Here’s who can come chat:

Lauren Gallup

Lauren Gallup is a multimedia reporter based in the south sound region. She works for Northwest Public Broadcasting, part of the Northwest News Network.
She can especially speak to:
· Recording audio in the field
· Writing audio scripts
· Building source relationships

Alex Bruell

Alex Bruell is the editor and a community journalist for the Beachcomber newspaper of Vashon Island, and previously worked as a reporter in his hometown of Federal Way at the newspaper there as well as in Seattle and Enumclaw.
He can especially speak to:
· Ethics in journalism
· Print journalism
· Covering small towns

Teo Popescu

Teo Popescu is the Creative Manager at KUOW-FM where she presents data visualizations and video storytelling through KUOW’s web and social channels, and is also the Content Editor of Nightingale, the magazine of the Data Visualization Society. Her first pro reporting role was covering state policy and political news.
She can especially speak to:
· Graphics
· Social design
· Social video

Madison Miller

Madison Miller is the Trends and Engagement editor at ParentMap. She previously served as an assistant editor at 425, 425 Business, South Sound, and South Sound Business magazines. She previously covered arts and education for seven Eastside newspapers for Sound Publishing.
See can especially speak to:
· How to be resourceful as a journalist
· What editors look for from reporters
· How to write for a magazine

Michael Whitney

Michael Whitney is the longtime editor of a community weekly newspaper in Snohomish County, the Snohomish County Tribune. He works dually as a reporter and as the paper’s editor, and works with freelance journalists and photographers.
He can especially speak to:
· Working at a newspaper in general
· What is involved with working for a community paper
· What hiring editors are looking for from you


Got your interest? We’ll try our best to fit your needs. To set up a volunteer visit
either in-person or over Zoom, or have questions, write to

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