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William O. Douglas chapter hosts video journalism workshop Nov. 7-8

William O. Douglas offers Northwest Video Workshop

The William O. Douglas chapter of SPJ is hosting a video workshop November 7 & 8 at the Yakima Herald-Republic, 114 N. Fourth St., Yakima, WA  98901.

In addition to the local SPJ chapter, the video workshop is being hosted by the Yakima-Herald and the National Press Photographers Association. The event is also being sponsored by Canon, Apple and ThinkTank.

The Northwest Video Workshop will offer two training options. During a two-day boot camp environment, a large group or “intermediate group” will learn techniques for everyday video interviews, field equipment handling and potential ethical pitfalls during the video production schedule. The second group or “advanced group” of up to 14 participants will work three days to hone existing interview, shooting, audio and editing skills pursuing a real world stories.  The two groups will combine for some of the seminar discussions and sessions.

Overall workshop goals
The sessions will help journalists of multiple skill levels develop time-saving “tool kits” to effectively cover stories while carrying multiple publication responsibilities. This workshop will provide opportunities for journalists to adapt to a rapidly changing industry.  Advanced participants will be accepted by application only by an independent committee.

The workshop will include exceptional teachers first and foremost.  Trainers will not all be photojournalists, but will teach skills that photojournalists and reporters are sometimes weak in.  Trainers will cover ethics, building a video shooting tool kit, audio interview for storytelling tool kit, and video editing/output tool kit in Apple Final Cut Pro.

Potential participation cost
The cost will be about $100 each.  This is not a profit making venture, but a break-even training workshop.

Food and accommodations
Food will be provided on site during workshop sessions. Several hotels are within walking distance from the YH-R building and special rates will be obtained for attendees.

For more info., contact chapter president Mai Hoang via email.

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